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3D white wall tiles

So you have finally decided on the colour scheme for your room—all white. It’s sleek, clean, and appealing to the contemporary minimalist. No matter whether you got the idea from a sudden burst of inspiration or from a magazine you noticed in the aisle at the supermarket, you no doubt have come to know that Read More

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Tiles for Walls

You can’t underestimate the effect of having the right wall tiles in your house. Sure, you probably wouldn’t tile your entire wall area in your house, but where you do, wall tiles can either make or break the entire space. Take for instance, the bathroom. Most homeowners choose to tile the whole height of their Read More

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Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are one of the most traditional forms of wall tiles. Since they were originally introduced in the extensive subway network in New York, they’ve been one of the favourite ways to decorate walls in residential homes. The popularity of subway tiles has endured the passing of time for good reasons. These skinny and Read More

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3d wall tiles

Now trending is everything 3D – three dimensional - GLASSES, murals, art, wall paper and yes TILES! Thinking about giving your bathroom a complete overhaul but aren’t quite sure how to revamp the space?  A great place to start is to look to the latest design trends for inspiration. The renovation shows are using the Read More

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Rectified Wall Tiles

Buy rectified wall tiles and create a sharp and modern looking bathroom in your home. The options of tiles have increased significantly over the last decade or so. While we have so many more beautiful choices, we have also been seeing new types of tiles that we had never heard of such as vitrified, double Read More

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Large Wall Tiles

Go big and make your bathroom look bigger. One thing that often makes the bathroom feel uncomfortable is the size. With an ever decreasing amount of land available to Sydney siders, it just can’t be helped that our bathrooms are getting smaller and smaller. You may even keep the clutter away in an effort to Read More

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Wall Tiles Sydney

Find the latest and the greatest wall tiles at Tile Factory Outlet, Sydney and save thousands. Wall tiles are playing an ever more important role in bathroom renovations in Sydney. Walls in bathrooms that used to be mostly painted, are now replaced by beautiful tiles from the floor to the ceiling. No wonder because tiles Read More

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Cheap Wall Tiles ‎

Find ridiculously cheap wall tiles at Tile Factory Outlet. We all want the best in the market. You might even have found the tiles you are looking for and have fallen in love with them. But the only thing holding you back is… the price. In fact, in most tile retail stores, the only wall Read More

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Kitchen backsplash tiles

Your house reflects your personality, your dreams. Your life shows the world who you are. If you know who you are…you know your style. At TFO, you can choose whatever style suits you from our wide range of top quality tiles from around the world. TFO’s quality range of ceramic tiles are offered at the lowest Read More

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Wall Tiling Tips

Find many helpful wall tiling tips here. There are many things to consider.  One is the type of tile being installed. Second, the type of surface the tiles will be adhered to. A third consideration is the location where the tiles will be used. How significant are these factors? For one, the type of tile Read More

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