Timber Look Tiles

Buy stunning wood look tiles from TFO and be amazed at the savings you’ll get. TFO has a huge range of timber look porcelain tiles on offer from countries like Italy and Spain and they are made available to the Australian market at a fraction of the prices elsewhere. Why should you chose wood look tiles over Read More

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Auto Levelling Timber Look Tiles

Try TFO's new Trento timber look tiles and see how far technology has come! This revolutionary product may just change the entire landscape of the tile manufacturing industry. But what's this all about? It's the innovative new flexible porcelain body which allows these tiles to bend and twist, literally. They are made of raw materials Read More

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Laying-Large Format and Plank Tiles

The trend for the size of floor tiles is expanding into very large formats of 600×600, 800×800, 900x900mm and the fabulous maxi formats of 600x1200mm and the plank size of timber looks and natural stone looks of 150×600, 200×900 and 200x1200mm. The look of these maxi size tiles is aesthetically pleasing, giving you a flowing open Read More

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Tiles That Look Like Wood

Tiles that look like wood are usually referred to as Wood look porcelain tiles, or timber look porcelain tiles. They continue to receive accolades from both home owners and interior decorators alike. But why? It comes down to this—maximum creativity and minimum risks at a fraction of the cost of real wooden planks. Imagine trying Read More

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High End Tiles

Generally we equate “high end tiles” with “luxury tiles”. These would be tiles that are found in the abodes of the well-to-do, even in palaces and mansions. But nowadays, such high end tiles are now available to the average working class individual, thanks to innovations in tile manufacturing technology. At TFO we put high end Read More

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Bosco Timber Look Tiles by Pamesa

What do you think of Spaniards? Perhaps, fiesta, paella or bullfighting might come to your mind. When I once stayed with a Spanish family, I was blown away by their love for life and hospitality. People say Spaniards “work to live” unlike many in the developed world who “live to work”. I’m sure you'd agree Read More

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Wooden Floor Tiles

The growth in sales for wooden floor tiles over the last couple of years has been remarkable and it’s still growing with no sign of slowing down. As its popularity grows, technology advances so as to produce tiles with the fine details of warm timber character whilst also coming up with unique and eye catching Read More

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Wood Look Porcelain Tile

Just imagine feeling the fresh breeze of the ocean tenderly embracing you while the sand is under your feet. The setting sun paints everything in a bright orange including quirky little beach huts hand painted in vibrant colours. That’s just what you feel with our new range of Wood Look Porcelain Tiles.  One of the Read More

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Wood Floor Tiles

What other way is there to create a warm and cosy ambience than to install timber flooring. The natural beauty of real timber is very attractive and doesn’t age. It’s also relatively easy to maintain compared to other conventional flooring such as carpet. But it’s also true that it does come with some disadvantages. That’s Read More

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Timber Look Floor Tiles

Everybody wants to have warm, stylish and modern looking floor coverings and a lot of people believe that a timber floor is the only way to accomplish this. But what about the environment? Have you ever thought about where the timber comes from and how much it costs the environment for you to have your Read More

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