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Park Avenue

TFO is proud to launch THE PARK AVENUE COLLECTION. This fabulous collection is very well known in the marketplace and has proved to be a renowned best seller. Now TFO is offering the Park Avenue Collection at a fraction of the normal retail price – so don’t pay boutique prices, visit TFO today or pay Read More

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Lappato Porcelain Tiles

When considering tile options, a top contender for tile of the year is the lappato porcelain tiles. But what exactly are lappato porcelain tiles? And what are the advantages of using lappato porcelain tiles over other varieties in certain installations? Each tile gets its name from how it was produced. Lappato porcelain tiles are no Read More

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Fluido Titanio Matt Porcelain Italian Floor Tile

TFO’s brand new porcelain tile range, Fluido, takes the look of natural stone to a new level of sophistication with its soft and delicate expressions of beautiful natural materials, especially natural slate. It gives a dramatic yet elegant feel to an entire space while painstakingly detailed designing has created a fine grain effect which is Read More

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stone look tiles

There has never before been a time like now, where we are faced with such an enormous task of choosing the right tiles out of thousands of variations available. After all, the choice of your floor tiles can have a significant impact on the personality of your home. As the options for floor tiles continue Read More

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Choose Environmentally Friendly Porcelain Tiles

There has never been a time where environmental sustainability has been as important as it is today. Regardless of the industry, there are strict regulations to minimize the impact on the surrounding environment. The public is also becoming more aware of the impact humans have had over the past decades of fast development. We can Read More

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marble look porcelain

When speaking of Italian marble tiles, nothing comes close to the dramatic personality of Calacatta marble. While this type of marble is only found in a small area of Italy, it is one of the most sought after marbles around the world because of its unforgettable look. While many confuse it with Carrara marble which Read More

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Carrara Pre Sealed Polished Porcelain

This fabulous polished porcelain “Carrara”, just like the name implies, has a surface design which is soft, subtle and sophisticated. The large format of 600x600mm is rectified which means that the tile has been mechanically cut to an exact size as opposed to being moulded and fired. This allows the tiles to be laid more Read More

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Lappato Tiles TFO

Buy lappato tiles at TFO and save. TFO is Sydney’s premier tile outlet where you’ll find a wide range of lapppato as well as glazed porcelain tiles from Italy and Spain. Lappato is an Italian word for semi polished/honed. Many factories are now focusing their attention on these semi polished marvels. They certainly have a Read More

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Polished Porcelain Tiles

A discussion of polished porcelain tiles would not be complete without highlighting their strong points. One strong point is with regard to design. Some polished porcelain tiles have been produced to allow the bisque (tile body) to show through the face of the tile. The result is a deeper, more realistic dimension. A second bonus with Read More

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Porcelain Floor Tile

An oversimplified way of defining porcelain tiles is to basically say it is a ceramic tile that has a water absorption rate of 0.5 percent or less. However, despite this sweeping statement, porcelain tiles can be separated into various types. The characteristics of “unglazed” or “natural” porcelain tiles can be readily understood by considering the Read More

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