A top contender when considering tile options for your home or business should be lappato porcelain tiles. But what exactly are lappato porcelain tiles? And what are the advantages of using lappato porcelain tiles over other varieties in certain installations?

What Are Lappato Porcelain Tiles?

Each tile gets its name from how the manufacturer produced it. Lappato porcelain tiles are no different. It comes from an Italian word that means “polish” or “burnish.” But in English the meaning is lost and we’re left with a name that sounds cool.


But since manufacturers also polish other tiles, what makes lappato porcelain tiles a standout? Let’s get technical. Manufacturers achieve the particular finish on these tiles by applying an abrasive wheel on the tile’s surface. But they don’t do it long enough to get a high luster. Therefore the tile attains what is called a semi-polish. But within the realm of lappato there are different takes on the semi-polish. For example, sometimes manufacturers produce the tiles with just a slight polish on the high points of a textured glaze. Other tiles are nearly fully polished but retain some pits or dull spots. Of course, this is done intentionally to mimic the look of stone tiles which usually contain some naturally produced fissures and holes.

Advantages Of Lappato Porcelain Tiles

How can you put these unique characteristics to good use? One benefit of using lappato porcelain tiles in a room that gets a lot of bright natural light is that they decrease light pollution. If you use a polished tile with a high sheen, the light will bounce around and blind you and any invited guests. It’s very uncool to have to wear sunglasses in your own home. The glaze on lappato porcelain tiles disperses the light in a way that you get softer reflections and an artistic sophisticated look that is easier on the eyes. This also creates the feeling of elegance.


Lappato porcelain tiles are also highly durable. Their rougher finish reduces slipping and the layered glaze makes them less likely to have visible cracks and scratches. These are just some of the reasons why people laud lappato porcelain tiles in the tiling world.

Buy Lappato Porcelain Tiles Now

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