Concrete Look Tiles

Atelier Italian Porcelain Tiles

If you’re going to reinterpret a classic, you’d better make it good. The new Atelier tile range from Sintesi Italian Ceramics takes it even a step further—it takes classic and natural architectural materials, reinterprets them as ceramic tiles, and makes them even better. Innovation, dedication, and the latest technology have combined to bring you yet Read More

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Concrete Floor Tiles

TFO’s range of floor tiles has never been bigger. We boast one of the biggest ranges of Italian tiles, timber look tiles, travertine tiles and more. But the scene of the tile industry keeps changing at a fast pace, new types of products and designs are being introduced all the time with the advance of Read More

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Concrete Floor Tiles

Polished concrete flooring has been gaining momentum among home builders and renovators in recent years. It’s loved for its rustic yet modern, seamless look and it's reflective surface adds ambient light to any room. But home builders and renovators are now faced with a new option: concrete look floor tiles. They are designed to closely Read More

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