Stones Walls

Stones Walls – Retaining Your Landscape

All the annual and perennial flowers are in place, creating an array of color in your garden. So why think about using stone walls in your landscape?

Let’s compare your garden to beautiful painting. If so, a well-designed stackstone wall with its aesthetic appeal is the frame which holds the painting together. What can you do with a stone wall in landscaping?

According to the experts, the functional uses of stone walls can be narrowed down to about five:

  1. A wall that runs parallel to your street will divide the outer lawn from public area
  2. A stone wall can be used to line a driveway
  3. You can use a stone wall to make a border to demarcate property lines
  4. Stone walls can be used to create flower beds or enclose vegetable gardens, adding beauty and protecting them from hungry animals
  5. Stone walls can be used as retaining walls to keep soil from eroding or to create a terrace on a hillside.

Putting Stone Walls Together

After deciding on the purpose of your wall, what next? It is what the experts say is perhaps the most important step, planning your wall. Without planning the design, the wall will probably be unsteady and unappealing. In addition, note places where the land slopes or dips while staking out the path the wall is to take. It is recommended that a wall with an uneven top is more appealing then a plain, dead straight one.

Also consider the types of stones that you want to use. Stones can hold different weights. Limestone, for example is weaker than granite. Therefore if you use it, its length should be three times its height. Moreover, granite, being stronger would be good for walls that have to navigate a slope. It is also not recommended to mix different varieties of stone in the same wall because the textures and colors of the stones can clash.

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