Rustic Home Decor

Rustic Home Decor – Old is New Try TFO’s Range of Rustic Feature Wall Tiles

Want an edge of rustic look to your home? At TFO we provide a wide range of stacksone wall tile options in a wide variety of tones, finishes and designs, perfect for that décor that is a throwback to ancient Italian architecture or for just bringing the serene, subtle beauty of nature indoors. Rustic home decor ages gracefully.

And we’ve got the tools and the tips to make it happen. Take a trip to our TFO Sydney showroom or compare prices and purchase tiles online to save big. But what should you know about rustic look tiles?

Ever breathed a sigh of frustration when you saw a chipped tile in your home? You’ll do no such thing with rustic tiles. Why? They are perfectly imperfect. And that is their primary charm. In order to make them look like they have weathered decades of rain, wind, and changing times, they are either quarried or modified to present a distressed finish, complete with tiny pot marks, chipped edges, or missing corners. This in turn, provides the natural or classic, old world look you may be searching for.

Therefore, no two tiles are alike nor or they meant to be. The size, shape, and appearance will differ for effect. Knowing this will help you choose wisely.

How about the colour? You won’t find rustic tiles in sky blue, but you will generally find them in tones that remind one of nature such as terracotta, tan, brown, red, beige or burnt orange. These colours are somewhat like clay. For stone mimicry you will find rustic stones in shades of grey. Knowing this will help you choose appropriate complimentary furnishings.

Let us at TFO lend our know-how and offer you an extensive tile collection that will help you acquire the look you’ve been looking for in your tiles in Liverpool.

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