4 Ideas For Stack Stone Walls

Sometimes small things can make a huge difference. When it comes to gardens and outdoor areas, very few things make as much of an impact as stack stone. Some call it stack stone, cultured stone, stackstone, stacked stone, stacking stones, stone wall cladding, flagstone, cultured stone or stone wall veneer. It’s basically natural stone that’s cut so that it can add a beautiful natural look over your concrete surface. Nothing softens a concrete wall while still adding texture like stackstone does.

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Stack Stone Varieties

There are varieties of stack stone. The first type is “traditional stack stone”. Many of these are 150mm high by 600mm long. They may have 4 or 5 strips of stone at consistent thicknesses. Being a natural stone, no two pieces are ever exactly the same. So as a feature, like say a water feature behind a waterfall, it creates a focal attention grabbing background. As it is real stone, it adds a real, never out of fashion style. See the example above.


The next generation of stack stone closely follows English style walls where people placed various sized stones together to create a more random look. People call this style “montage” and while it will never completely copy the random English stone wall, it has various sized stones placed together in repetitive sized panels. Some of these even use an interlocking style to help hide the fact that they are still a repetitive size panel. See the example above.


Thirdly, there is “cement backed stack stone” (some call this “ledgestone”). It is thicker than the traditional stack stone. This allows many more unique size pieces to be put together, however this can create more weight. Thought must be given to the structural integrity of the area you wish to place these on. However, the end result around a fireplace for instance, looks magnificent. Example above.


The forth style stack stone is “cladding”. Recently a chiselled surface cladding has become the trend. This is a way of imitating the old sandstone brick look popular with Sydney siders. It also comes in a classic black that far outshines the old blue-stone walls. Some of these products have naturally occurring flecks in it. These shine and shimmer and add real class to any area.

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