25kg Kerakoll Bioflex White Eco Friendly Tile Adhesive 9817

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Pack: 25kg
Coverage: 7-8m2 (1.25 kg/m2)
Mixing Water: 7.5 L / 1 Bag
Rating: Eco 5
Substrates: Cement-Based Screeds and Mortars, Anhydrite Screeds, Lime and Cement-Based Plasters/Renders, Concrete, Cellular Concrete, Plasterboard, Gypsum and Anhydrite, Heating Systems, Waterproofing Products to Overlay Existing Floors, Fibro-Cement, Thermal Insulation Panelling Systems, Insulating Panels
Materials: Ceramic Tiles, Porcelain Tiles, Large Formats, Terracotta, Klinker, Marble and Natural Stone, Various Mosaics, Insulating and Soundproofing Panels
Uses: Floors and Walls, For Internal Use – External, Overlaying, Facades, Terraces and Balconies, Swimming Pools and Fountains, Saunas and Spa, Domestic, Commercial, Industrial Street Furniture

Please note: Images are a reference only. Ordering a sample of the actual product is recommended, as web images may vary in colour, shade, and pattern appearance. These variations are also inherent in all kiln-fired and natural stone products.

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<b>Bioflex</b> <p>Deformable mineral adhesive with an extremely high natural additive content for high performance bonding of porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles and natural stone. No vertical slip and long open time. Eco-friendly.</p>