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The Tile Levelling System is designed to prevent surface lippage. It is recommended that tiling work(s) should be carried out by a licensed trade person(s) following
Australian Standards (AS) 3958.1 Ceramic tiles – Guide to the Installation of Ceramic Tiles and in accordance with the manufacturers installation guide which can be
found at http://www.andalsystem.it/_ing/sap3.html The AS 3958.1 recommended joint width(s) are as follows; Floors: A) Dust-pressed tiles 3mm B) Extruded tiles
6mm Walls: A) Dust-pressed tiles 1.5mm B) Extruded tiles 6mm

Please note: Images are a reference only. Ordering a sample of the actual product is recommended, as web images may vary in colour, shade, and pattern appearance. These variations are also inherent in all kiln-fired and natural stone products.

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