The latest trend in home decorating is the use of timber. Timber for flooring, walls, ceilings, internal features and even for features on facades. Do you like the look of wood look tiles?

Natural wood flooring although very warm, inviting and beautiful has its draw backs. Wood needs a lot of maintenance whether it is a new floor or an existing floor. New flooring is very expensive and very delicate. The best looking natural wood is not used for flooring as it scratches too quickly.

The laying process of natural wood is long and time consuming. Once you have laid it, you need to lacquer it. When the lacquering is done, there are always very small particles floating in the air that will settle on the wet coating. These will result in tiny bits sitting on top of the lacquer. Most coatings generally only last a couple of years. Then they lose their appeal and have to be re-done.

If you are re-doing an existing wood floor, you will need to sand it and remove stains and water marks. Animal urine stains and water marks within the boards and around nail holes are often impossible to successfully sand out. The filling of gaps between the boards will subsequently shrink and expand. This will often cause cracking in the filler.

Timber look tiles are the perfect alternative. They give you the look of natural wood without the costly maintenance. You can choose from a variety of finishes. Finishes such as textured, satin, semi-polished or polished surfaces. These finishes will last year after year.

Also available is the anti-slip finish for exterior areas. This allows you to continue the same colour inside and out. Furthermore, the formats available emulate wood planks. This allows them to be laid in a conventional plank pattern, producing the natural look of a wood floor.

Ranges Of Wood Look Tiles

There are many different ranges of wood look porcelain tiles coming into Sydney. These are from many manufacturers around the world. These products emulate all different types of natural wood. Wood such as oak, maple, blackbutt, Baltic pine, ash, Cyprus and walnut. As a result, wood look porcelain tiles encapsulate the shear rawness and beauty of natural wood. They will also add value to your home.

Also, leading Italian companies have international “LEED” certification for their wood look porcelain tile ranges. This stands for “Leader in Energy and Environmental Design”. This certification testifies to the environmental and social sustainability of buildings.

Full Body Porcelain Stoneware

Being full body porcelain stoneware, wood look tiles are a high-performing covering. They withstand frost, damp, weather, wear and are non-combustible. Its characteristics make it excellent for outdoor and indoor use. Use them anywhere in the home and in heavy traffic public buildings.

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