If you’ve come to love your stone tile flooring, then it could be said in a figurative way that you too have ‘a heart of stone’ as it were. But to prove your fondness for it, and to maintain that aesthetic beauty, care is necessary.

How To Maintain Your Stone Tile Flooring

When it comes to caring for your natural stone flooring, prevention is better than a cure. You see, stone tiles whether it be travertine, marble or sandstone are often quite fragile. They are more fragile than manmade porcelain or ceramic tiles. Something as simple as using area-rugs or mats at entrances from the outside, on either side of the door, can catch dirt and grit before it is trudged onto your flooring.

However, some dust and dirt will still invade the premises. This can damage the stone tile flooring because it is abrasive. Its movement across the tile will have the effect of sandpaper which spells disaster for your tile. A safe option for textured tile is to use a vacuum—minus the beater bar. The brush bristles in the beater bar, although meant to clean, could actually scratch your floor. A broom or an old-fashioned dust mop may also do the trick.

When wet mopping your floor, make sure you use a good quality string mop. Wring it out well to get out the excess water. Also, be sure not to use too much detergent, as this can leave ugly streaks on your flooring.

Protect Your Stone Tiles

But by far the most important thing you can do to protect your stone tiles is a the periodical sealing. Stone tiles are all porous. That means grease, paint or any other type of liquid or even some fine dust can penetrate into the tiles. This can stain the tiles. They are not impossible to clean but sealing makes your maintenance work so much easier.

TFO has a full range of sealers to choose from for all types of stones at Sydney’s lowest prices.

Another point that can save a major hassle with your stone tiles is to pad the feet of your furniture. Then they won’t scratch the surface of your tiles. If you need to move the furniture, no need to be a show-off by pushing it by yourself! Get some friends to help you lift it so as to reduce the wear and tear on your flooring.

Knowledge is power! Care for your flooring! For more tiling tips and discount natural stone tile options, come and visit TFO today.