Buy modern and sleek white wall tiles from TFO and be amazed at the savings you’ll get. TFO imports brand name quality wall tiles from the world’s leading tile manufacturers and makes them available at Sydney’s lowest prices. Choose from a wide range of white wall tiles, including ceramic, porcelain and 3D tiles. But how can you decide what type of white tiles to get?

White tiles are sleek, clean, and appealing to the contemporary minimalist. Whether you got the idea from a sudden burst of inspiration or from a magazine you noticed in the aisle at the supermarket, you no doubt have come to know that wall tiles seem for the most part to stay in style. But now comes the hard part – exactly what kind of tiles should you use? Consider what options are available to you here at TFO.


White Subway Wall Tiles

Let’s start with subway tiles. Their name comes from the origin of where these small rectangular tiles were common. This was in the New York subway system when it opened over a hundred years ago. However they have remained popular for kitchens and bathrooms, and it’s common to see white wall tile installations of subway tiles in restaurant kitchens. In short, they’re a  retro-feel style that remains relevant. Are they for you?


3D Wall Tiles

Looking for something ultra-modern that adds some serious personality? Try 3d white wall tiles. No, you will not need glasses for these. At TFO, our 3d tiles contain raised patterns such as waves and circles. Not only do they provide a visually appealing effect, but by manipulating the reflection of light, these tiles add depth and texture to a room.


Rectified White Wall Tiles

For an elegant contemporary look you might be partial to rectified tiles. These tiles come mechanically cut so that all the tiles are precisely the same size, hence “rectified”. What are the benefits? Rectified tiles give a modern look due to the fact that you can place the tiles much closer together than non-rectified tiles. In fact, you can lay them with a minimum spacing of 1.5mm. This smaller gap means that the grout lines are almost invisible, and gives the illusion of seamlessness. It also means that the grout, in the right colour, will even seem like part of the décor.


White Polished Porcelain Wall Tiles

Another option for your wall tiles are polished porcelain tiles. Porcelain tiles come in an almost endless variety of colours and patterns. Most of the polished porcelain tiles at TFO come with nano pre-sealing treatment and they are highly resistant to staining.

Here at TFO, you’ll find a huge selection of top quality tiles at Sydney’s lowest prices. Make your white wall tile installation vision a reality. Buy white wall tiles online now.