White Porcelain Tiles – A Tile For Your Bathroom Walls

We are often asked “What is the best wall tile for my bathroom?” That question is very hard to answer as it would depend on a variety of factors; we need to know things like the aesthetic appeal you’re aiming for, the durability required, the size of the bathroom and what sort of dirt and grime you are expecting. So in writing an article we can’t possibly know all the answers, but let me tell you about one very special tile awkwardly named super super white nano presealed polished porcelain.

Why The Strange Name?

Most polished porcelain is made by crushing porcelain into a powder then compacting it and baking it at about 1400 degrees centigrade. The whitest porcelain around Australia was for many years called super white. This product has been much loved for many years. However as it’s a natural product that’s just polished, it was as white as we believed nature produced porcelain. It was not really white but off white at best. Then with a discovery of another mine and with a step forward in the refining technology factories have made one much whiter, it is still not polyurethane white but it is at least 80% of the way there. That is the main reason why most factories call this new product super super white.

Why Nano Preseal?

The white tones are normally a pain to clean, especially in any unglazed product. The Nano preseal is designed to repel most stains like biro, soap and even many brands of permanent marker come straight off with just a cloth.  A sealer will always let some stains through (like whiteboard markers) fortunately we haven’t come across a stain you would expect to get in any Sydney bathroom that we can’t get out. White Porcelain Tiles.

So for most bathrooms this is a great tile, making it one of the easiest tiles to keep clean for the average bathroom.

What Are Its Big Advantages?

Firstly that it reflects up to 90% of light. This makes a bathroom look lighter and brighter. In fact when polished porcelain is used on opposing walls it will reflect light back and forth making the walls look even whiter. The second advantage is that it gives a depth of reflection because it reflects from deep within the tile. Many feel that it optically pushes their walls back a meter. This is great for any bathroom but especially for smaller bathrooms which are becoming the norm here in Sydney. White porcelain tiles.

The third advantage is that it has a softer white look, rather than the standard clinical white gloss rectified edge wall tile. Many try to replicate this softness in a glazed tile by going for a matt finish, only to be disappointed with the time it takes to clean the tile and the lack of light reflection. The super super white polished porcelain gives a soft elegant look that makes the white basins or polyurethane visually pop, making them the feature and enhancing the bathroom.

The final advantage is it’s strength, once on the wall it is very hard to chip this super durable product.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

Yes all tiles have both advantages and disadvantages. Polished porcelain is made with porcelain fibres so if used with glancing light it can look slightly hazy as it can have fibres going in different directions, this is no different than marble or any natural product. You need to know how to drill into porcelain, cutting is easy but installing your bathroom accessories takes longer. I like to set the drill on the lowest speed and occasionally dip the diamond tip into a cup of cool water. This is because of its advantage of being extra strong, hard and durable that it takes an extra 20 minutes to install the accessories.


This tile is a great tile suitable for most bathrooms. It not only looks less clinical but it also looks more natural and is super practical making your bathroom appear bigger. To find out more please feel free to come in to TFO Sydney where you will save a small fortune on this wonderful tile.