Tumbled travertine is becoming the natural stone of choice in the Sydney market. It has a fibrous appearance. A process of rapid precipitation of calcium carbonate forms travertine, often at the mouth of hot springs.

People have used travertine as a building material in Europe for centuries. It’s suitable for all wall and floor coverings, either for inside or outside areas. Especially suitable for external areas is travertine in a tumbled finish. People sometimes refer to tumbled travertine as rumbled. Tumbled means that the cut tiles are put into a machine which holds various sized rocks. Then it gets rotated until the edges are rounded, lightly exfoliating the surface making it less slippery.

Actually, this process also makes the surface feel great when walked on with bare feet. Being a natural stone, each piece varies in colour and even the texture changes slightly making each piece unique.

Tumbled Travertine Comes In Various Size Formats

Travertine comes in various size formats, and both square and rectangular shapes. Colours range from very light cream, medium beiges to dark.

New on the market is a stunning new colour – silver which has hues of whites and greys through each travertine tile. Check with TFO to see what colours we currently have in stock. Travertine will add value to your home. The best place to buy tumbled travertine in Sydney is at TFO.

Many people chose tumbled travertine in a French pattern. This means that various sizes fit together such as 200×200, 200×400, 400×400 and 400x600mm. Tumbled travertine with matching bullnoses are great for use around swimming pools. You can also find tumbled travertine mosaics. You can use these for features for cladding walls.

European travertine is well priced with the Roman travertine being much higher in price. Being a porous stone, you need to seal travertine. Tilers love travertine because they can lay it on slightly uneven surfaces, and screeding is not necessary.

If you are looking for a product that will last the test of time, then travertine is the product for you. Visit TFO for the largest selection of tumbled travertine on the market at the best prices. Or buy travertine now at our online tile store.