Go into any home store and the choices can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to travertine and tumbled edge travertine. So what is the difference between regular travertine and tumbled edge travertine? The answer may surprise you.

First, travertine is a naturally occurring material that is created when minerals come up from the interior of the earth and are deposited in great amounts on the earth’s surface. After a long while it hardens and becomes travertine. Owing to the variety that is in nature, due to various minerals and elements, travertine comes in a wide number of textures and colours. Because it is naturally occurring slight variances are usual and should not be any cause for alarm. In fact, it is this variation that is so highly prized and is a key way to tell if the travertine you are purchasing is authentic or not.

Travertine can come in many different finishes and textures, as one might expect. The raw stone, itself, offers little in the way of use, but with a little finishing and sealing, it becomes something that will last (and usualy outlast) its owners and the house. Generally speaking, travertine is presented either smooth, matte, or tumbled. If you are looking for a great style and impact, tumbled edge travertine delivers.

Tumbled Edge Travertine

Tumbled edge travertine is just as it suggests. It is a travertine tile that has been placed into a ‘tumbler’ where bits and pieces of the edges on the tile are worn away to simulate age and wear. Why would this be desirable? Many homes are constructed quickly, and often the landscaping and interiors of the homes have that ‘new home’ look. Using travertine with a tumbled edge allows for the look of timeless age, and loans a type of long term stability to a newly constructed home unlike any other type of tile.

Whether you use the tiles inside or outside (they make great landscaping material as well) tumbled edge travertine tiles can lend an ‘old world’ effect to a living room or kitchen.

You can also utilize tumbled edge travertine stones in your landscaping outdoors. Many use them as pavers to line or pump up the ‘wow’ effect of a driveway or patio. The hottest new trend so far, as evidenced on a wide variety of home improvement shows, is to use on porches and to outline various landscaping features. And the best feature of all? travertine offers age without your having to wait for it.