If you have an outdoor area that you wish to take from the ordinary to the extraordinary, travertine must be on your short list of products. Travertine is a naturally made product that adds a touch of class to any area. Once a building material of the rich and famous, now this material has become affordable. Adding travertine to your barbeque area may seem over the top but at the prices you can find at TFO you may be shocked at just how affordable it is.

When you search online pool photos, you probably find the ones you save as favorites have travertine. The question arises “how do you finish the travertine at the pool edge or stairs?” The answer is travertine bullnose pieces. This product is also available at Tile Factory Outlet at unbelievable prices. Bullnose travertine is so popular because it softens the look and creates a less jaggered edge than the tumbled edge. To measure how many pieces you will need for your project, simply measure the lineal metres then divide that by the length of the bullnose. TFO’s most popular sizes are 610mm or 1200mm. This will give you the number of pieces you will need. For example, a pool that is 6 metres x 3 metres will have 18 lineal metres.

If you decide to go with the 610mm length pieces, you’d make the following calculation: 18 (metres) ÷ 0.61 (size per piece) = 29.5 pieces. Then if you are matching the rest of your pavers, you will have a few more cuts so the lines will match up. Allow an extra 15% (more if your pool is an unusual shape). So you’ll need approximately 34 pieces.

It never hurts to have one or two spare pieces just in case of an accident. Cutting for stairs is similar. Measure each stair and then work out how many pieces you’ll need for each stair, taking into consideration that if you wish travertine to line up, consideration for where the pieces will fit must be given. Also think of the tile you wish to use for the riser (the vertical part of the stairs). If you are unsure please check with your contractor or feel free to ask the staff at TFO for their estimation as well.

We are sure you will love the quality of the bullnose tiles at TFO and we know you will be stocked about the prices.

Things To Know About Travertine Bullnose

As travertine is a natural stone, it normally needs to be sealed. Some sealers last 10 years however on high traffic areas like steps, we recommend sealing more often. But don’t worry, it’s quick and easy to apply. If matching 12mm travertine, you may wish to go for the drop down travertine bullnose available at TFO.

If you don’t mind the less finished look, you can simply use the tumbled edge of the paver. This solution is cheaper but may not give the finished look you want. Talk to the staff at TFO for more information.

Most people are happy with travertine around pools however if more ant-slip is required, you can consider an anti-slip sealer instead.