When installing tiles in your bathroom, remember that a neutral tile design keeps it from looking busy, cluttered and helps avoid that “gingerbread house” feel. It also allows you the freedom to change the scheme more easily, since the muted patterns and neutral colours will take on the tone of your accessories. What other advantages are there neutral tile design?

Neutral products will give you a timeless design that will always stay current. Why? Well, styles come and go. What’s popular this spring will be out the next. Ripping out your tile installation yearly to try to keep up with each fad is definitely not the way to go.

If you plan to sell your home, your tile design could affect the resale value. This is because the next owner may not be happy to have a black and white checkerboard floor pattern and pinstripes on the walls. He may then ask a reduction in the price so he can redo the scheme.

But is neutral a politically correct way to say “bland and boring”? Not at all. You can get accent tiles, decorative borders, and the like in timeless, neutral colours and in a variety of textures and finishes. Moreover, this type of scheme with matching tile grout will make the bathroom look larger and cleaner, as well as assist in maintaining its ascetic beauty.

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