So many patterns, so little time. What tile design for your floor is best? A lot will depend on the eye of the beholder.

Tile Design – Grid Pattern

This is the basic layout for square tiles. However, this basic pattern does allow you to get creative with a tile design for your floor. You can create a checkerboard or chessboard pattern by alternating two colours of square tiles. This should be done horizontally and vertically. It is said that this pattern can make a room look smaller, whereas one solid colour will make the room seem larger. The colours used do not need to be the standard black and white. Use whatever colours “feel” right.

Another idea for a grid pattern is using one solid colour but with a sprinkling of random coloured tiles within the grid pattern.
Yet another is to create a square of several tiles of the same colour in the center of the room in a rug-like pattern. This colour should be a different colour to the rest of the tiles filling the room.
“Alternatively, you can choose tiles of a different colour and create a border surrounding the room.

Central Pattern

Another tile design for your floor is a central design. Take tiles of different colours and create a shape with them. Then, create a border around that shape. This shape would be in the middle of the floor, while the rest of the floor is one continuous colour. If you would like to create several nooks in a large room, use this pattern in smaller form in another area of the room, place a table and chairs around it.

Before deciding on a pattern for your floor installation, think carefully about the colour scheme and what changes you might expect in the future. If not, the tile design on your floor may commit you to a scheme that you will tire of.

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