Nowadays, there is no shortage of tile shops. But choosing one can be more difficult than choosing the actual tile itself. Tile Factory Outlet is the best of the tile shops Sydney. All we ask is that you put TFO on your list of tile shops to visit. We are sure once you compare shops and prices, you will buy at TFO rather than all the other tile shops in Sydney. So, what makes TFO a cut above the rest?

Tile Factory Outlet provide the latest in tiling options. Tile manufacturers need to keep on producing new styles and types of tiles. Keeping up-to-date with this can be exhausting. That’s where TFO can help. The experienced staff at TFO have over 300 combined years of experience in the tile industry. We have ex-tilers, interior designers, and an understanding of technical factory processes. But what’s more important is our staff know how to translate that into normal language and help you to see what tile is best for you. At TFO we keep our finger on the pulse and feature the latest and most sought after tile products, all to keep you on top of what’s hot and what’s not.

Great Service – Tile Shops Sydney

Tile Factory Outlet prides itself on stocking over 350,000m2 of tiles. That means in most cases we have your tiles in stock for same day pick up. Here at TFO, we know how much your home improvement or business projects mean to you. You spent the time to design it, and shouldn’t have to spend an equal amount of time waiting to get your products.

Excellent Quality Products – Tile Shops Sydney

What about quality? TFO features a huge collection of premium quality tiles from international manufacturers in Italy, Spain, and Asia, whose names are synonymous with excellence in craftsmanship. Therefore, with every tile you purchase from TFO comes the confidence that you are in possession of a top quality product. TFO has one of the best ranges of quality tiles. In contrast to other tile shops Sydney who have limited ranges and almost always don’t carry stock. However at TFO, you won’t be disappointed.

Huge Product Range – Tile Shops Sydney

Let’s talk choices. At TFO we have a huge showcase of top quality tiles. This means you are sure to find what you need to complete your tiling project whether it’s for your kitchen backsplash, bathroom, living area, or outdoor.

Best Prices – Tile Shops Sydney

Finally let’s talk price. In the end, many times that’s what it comes down to. Therefore at TFO we know that top quality does not need to mean top price. Thus we offer you superior quality products at outlet prices, virtually unmatched in Sydney.

Still not a believer? Stop in to our TFO showroom in Sydney and see for yourself the quantity, quality and unbeatable prices that have become synonymous with TFO. Not in Sydney? Check out our stock and prices online and place an order for savings hard to find anywhere else.