Although terrazzo went out of mode for a few decades, it’s back for flooring, countertops, sinks and even furniture. Whilst historically many used it in traditional applications, people are now using it to create new and exciting solutions for all surfaces. Furthermore, terrazzo tiles have also come back in trend. Both the real terrazzo but also the glazed porcelain designed to replicate the terrazzo look.

Where Did Terrazzo Come From?

The Italian word “terrazzo” means “terrace”. Terrazzo was first used by 15th-century Venetian marble workers who could not afford real marble for their own homes. So they recycled left over pieces of marble from their paid jobs. They set odd-size discarded marble pieces in clay and created attractive patios or terraces for themselves.

The Production Of Terrazzo

Then the production of terrazzo became much easier after industrialization in the 1920s. This was with the introduction of electric grinders and other power equipment. Manufacturers use a wet saw to cut terrazzo just like natural stones. Moreover, variations and imperfections are part of the attraction of terrazzo tiles as the pieces are sprinkled throughout the base.

Beautiful Terrazzo Look Tiles At TFO

So what is terrazzo today? It is a striking composition of beautiful pieces of marble, quartz, glass and granite which are set into a cement or polymer base. They then pour it into precast sizes. After they fire it, they polish it to make it smooth and inviting to walk on, just like real stones. Terrazzo tiles are very tough. At TFO, you will find beautiful terrazzo look tiles which would be ideal for your tiling project.

Terrazzo Look Tiles

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