TFO stock a range of sealers and cleaners from Sure Seal®, an Australian owned and operated company. The Sure Seal products are easy to apply and quick drying. This makes them ideal for the professional contractor or your “DIY” project.

The TFO Sure Seal® Products Range Includes:

– Grout And Tile Aerosol Sealer

Easy to use, invisible sealer that is suitable for use on your tiles and grout lines alike. The sealer works on both dry and damp grout lines.

– Quick Dry Solvent Based Sealer

Formulated to seal porous grout, tile and stone surfaces. Quick drying and easy to use, this product seals and protects against water and oil-based staining. It also dries invisible and will not leave a film or discolour the treated surface. This means that it will not alter the appearance or texture of the treated area. Consequently, quick dry sealer is suitable on polished and unpolished porcelain tiles, travertine, marble, ceramic tiles, granite, terracotta and sandstone.

– 24/7 Plus Stone & Concrete Sealer

This sealer is a water based penetrating sealer which provides protection against water and oil-based stains. This product also protects against efflorescence and alkalis to maintain the look and beauty of natural stone. Being water based, this sealer allows the treated surface to breathe and is non-toxic and V.O.C compliant.
This sealer also can suitable for travertine, limestone, marble, ceramic tiles, granite, terracotta and sandstone.

– Sure Seal Products EZY AS 1.2.3

A high sheen sealer allowing you to choose the level of shine in easy steps. One coat – low sheen, two coats – semi gloss and three coats for full gloss finish.

Using appropriate sure seal products can enhance the beauty of natural stone tiles. Therefore, giving them a longer lasting surface finish. In addition, protecting against oil and water-based stains. For the most effective application of sealer, use a lamb’s wool applicator which comes with a handle. As a result, this allows full coverage even in those hard to reach areas.

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