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Subway tiles were originally used extensively in the New York subway network. Since then and even up till now, they are one of the favourite ways to decorate walls in residential homes. Their popularity has endured the passing of time for good reasons. These skinny and long tiles are easy to clean, stain resistant and easy to install.

But as time passed, many manufacturers have tried to inject a fresh look by developing a variety of colours and textures. They are now being reborn with a modern twist and attracting a new demographic of people all around the world. As the variety of subway wall tile designs continues to grow, many are also reconsidering their applications. Rather than just using them on bathroom walls and kitchen walls, people are increasingly using these colourful and interesting new tiles even on feature walls to make them come to life.

Subway Wall Tile For Bathroom Walls

Subway wall tile are perfect for bathroom walls. Use contrasting colours or textured tiles to make a great feature wall. The glazed surface is stain proof and is extremely easy to maintain. Do you have dark floor tiles? Choose dark coloured grout with light white coloured tile and love the bold contrast that goes beautifully with your dark floor tiles.

Kitchen Splashbacks

Additionally, if you are after an industrial or Scandinavian look, Tile Factory Outlet should be your first choice for your kitchen splashback. Lay subway wall tile in a brick pattern horizontally or even vertically for a bolder look. This will not only look great but they are also easy to maintain. They are also much more affordable in comparison to some of the more commonly used materials.

The applications are limited only by your imagination. First of all, try laying them in a herringbone pattern or choose more than one colour of tile and mix and match. As a result, you can create a truly unique design for yourself.

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