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Humans have had a long relationship with stones since early civilization millenniums ago. It must be this familiarity with natural stones that attracts us all to the beauty of stones even now. Stones come in innumerable types of colours, patterns and characteristics. People love natural stones for their warmth, versatility and authenticity.

One of the best ways to enjoy the raw beauty of natural stones is by using stacking stone tiles. Stacking stone tiles are often made of small pieces of cut stones put together in one panel which usually measures 150x600mm. They are meticulously put together by hand to enhance the natural look of the stones. They can be made of a variety of colours of sandstone, quartz, slate, basalt and so many other types of stones. So, finding the perfect stacking stone tiles that complement your home is easy. But where can you use stacking stone tiles in your home? Below are some suggestions.

Outdoor Feature Wall

This is one of the most common ways to use stacking stone tiles. A beautiful stone decoration can transform an otherwise bland looking exterior into a striking piece of art that is truly unforgettable. Stacking stone tiles are engineered with as minimal thickness as possible, which enables you to install them even on a high wall without putting too much extra weight on the wall. When stacking stones are used outside, it’s especially important that you seal them upon installation so as to maintain the original colour of the stones.

Water Feature

When installed and treated properly, stacking stone tiles can be one of the best complements to your water feature. Stacking stones can enrich the natural feel of the water feature like no other. But they must be installed and sealed properly. It’s essential that you use the most recommended type of adhesive to prevent any future damage due to the constant exposure to water. For superior strength and flexibility we recommend Kerakoll BioFlex to offer optimum grip for heavy set stack stone tiles. Remember to always check the manufacturers website for your specific requirements – It must also be sealed with an impregnating sealer to prevent water absorption. For the best quality sealant, do not look beyond Sure Seal.

Internal Feature Wall

Stacking stone tiles can definitely be used on your internal walls. As the stones are not exposed to outside elements, it’s relatively easy to maintain the look of the original stones. The raw beauty of stones can add contrast to your interior space unlike anything else. However, it’s still advisable to seal the stones. You should also use stacking stone tiles only on a rendered wall or a brick wall. Other types of materials such as Gyprock or cement fibre board may not have enough strength to hold the stones.

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