One thing many properties lack when they are built new – is the warmth and the sophisticated look of a mature home. How unpleasant it would be if your home is unwelcoming and has a cold feel. Well, we certainly have the solution you will need if you feel that your home needs that edge of warmth, get natural stone stack stone Sydney.

Stack stones have been in fashion for a few years now. And as they increased in popularity, so did the available colours of stack stones. They are three dimensional wall cladding with many small pieces of roughly cut stones bonded together. They often come in 600x150mm sizes which makes it easy to lay just like normal tiles. The biggest advantage of using stack stone Sydney is that they add such a natural warm atmosphere to your space. Whether it be your exterior façade, water future, kitchen wall or interior feature wall, stack stones can add beautiful rich character to your home.

TFO boasts one of the biggest range of stack stones in Sydney. Our range varies from very light coloured products to dark stone and anywhere in between. The textures also vary with some only about 15mm in thickness (great for walls with limited weight capacity) to some with very rugged texture that can be a truly inspirational part of your home décor. The best thing is that TFO imports these beautiful stack stones from the manufactures direct and sell them direct to the end consumers. That means you can get your hands on exceptional stack stones at wholesale prices all year around.

Stack stones can transform your home with its natural character of the stones. But it also requires a proper treatment. Natural stones are all porous regardless of colours, types or finishes. That means they can be stained if it’s not sealed properly. TFO offers high performing impregnating sealers from Sureseal for stacks stones that will last. They not only cover the surface of the stones but also penetrate into the stone’s body giving the stone a solid seal that can withstand many elements.

Come and visit TFO for the full range of stack stone or buy stack stones online now.