Stack stone is very quickly becoming the number one go to product when wanting a stylish, rustic and modern feature wall covering for either inside or outside your home. But what about proper stack stone installation, after all if your going to go to the effort of installing a feature wall you want to do it properly so it has that stylish rustic look for as long as possible. Lets have a look at a few products that are a must use when it comes to your stack stone installation.

Stackstone is exactly what says, natural stone cut in various sizes and depths stacked on top of each other into sheets of various sizes ready to be placed on your wall. Because of this stack stone is a lot heavier than a normal tile and requires a little help in order to stick to the wall and not slump over time. For superior strength and flexibility we recommend Kerakoll BioFlex to offer optimum grip for heavy set stack stone tiles. Remember to always check the manufacturers website for your specific requirements –

In order to make your new feature wall ultra hard wearing and impervious to water, grease and stains we also suggest that you cover your stack stone with Sureseal’s quick dry protection spray. This spray will make sure your stack stone holds its appearance for a much longer time, increasing your homes stylish, rustic look for longer.

All of these products and of course the stack stone tiles themselves can be found at Tile Factory Outlet Sydney. So do yourself a favour and pop into our TFO showroom and get everything you need to create your new feature wall.  Or alternatively you can visit our online tile store and purchase today.