What’s in a name? In the tiling world it encompasses all that a manufacturer is and aspires to be. It also inspires confidence and creativity in their patrons. By this definition, many Spanish tile manufacturers have emerged as leaders in innovative tile designs, production and quality.

You can see that Spanish tile manufacturers pride themselves on quality, creativity, and commitment to excellence and craftsmanship. What makes Spanish tiles a must have? Particularly because people acclaim Spanish porcelain tiles the world over for its artistic quality, unique patterns and textures.

Notably with Spanish tiles, you can constantly see the attention to detail in each piece. The artistry characteristic of Spanish tiles is evident in the intricate pattern that writhes its way through the tiles. Each and every tile captures your eye with a mesmeric texture of various tones and colours that subtly vie for your attention.

Sometimes Spanish porcelain tiles are rectified. A rectified tile is when the manufacturer mathematically cuts each tile to precisely the same size. What are the benefits to you? Virtually invisible joints and grout lines. Your installation gets a sleek, seamless, modern look that bespeaks a natural unbroken flow that draws the eye.

What is more, many Spanish tiles are large format tiles which will contribute to the modern feel of your décor—maximum tile surface, minimum joint lines.

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