The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. However, at times it may get the short end of the stick when it comes to floor space. Nevertheless, a less than roomy kitchen area need not cramp your style when it comes to decorative effect and efficiency. For small kitchen ideas, follow the below simple do’s and don’ts and you will be on your way to a compact yet beautiful kitchen space.

Counter Space

Ultimately, we want to create the illusion of space, where space is lacking. So, don’t use up all your counter space. True, that new espresso machine will get some “oohs” and “aahs” from your friends but having too many appliances on display eats up necessary working area and makes your small kitchen seem busy and over crowded. Free up the eye by limiting what’s on the counter.

Do consider the positioning of your appliances, especially if you have a galley style kitchen. For example you can have the refrigerator at one end of the counter and the stove at the other end. This means you can grab your ingredients from the fridge, slice, dice, mince and mix, then toss them straight into the pot without flitting all over the kitchen.

Wall Cabinets

Don’t forget to consider installing wall cabinets. Once again, as the eye is drawn up the wall it makes your small kitchen feel larger than it is. In a practical way, you get heaps of extra storage space, allowing you to keep your counters clear.

Do try to use lighter colours when deciding which kind of wall cabinets to install. By using lighter colours, you can create clean lines that open up the space and are aesthetically appealing.

Shelving and Racks

Don’t use too many open kitchen wall shelves. Too much open shelving will have the same effect as too many bits and pieces on your counter—it will make your kitchen appear smaller. The walls will seem too busy with mugs, jars and saucers so use open shelving sparingly.

Do consider racks to utilise wall space. Racks to hang pans or utensils will help to make your kitchen more functionally efficient. For example wire hangers still leave the wall highly visible so you still have the airy feel in your kitchen yet have your necessary tools at your fingertips. They also have a minimalist beauty.

With a little forethought and a few adjustments, you can use these small kitchen ideas to make your kitchen both pleasing to the eye and a pleasure to work in.

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