Self leveling compounds create a smooth and even surface on your subfloor. You need this before installing tiles. In addition, self levelling compounds repair cracks and imperfections in the subfloor surface. Just as with any product, there are numerous varieties of leveller products for specific purposes. Most commonly there are two types of levellers, a water based type and an acrylic type. What’s the difference?

Acrylic Based Levelling Compounds

Acrylic-based self leveling compounds require that you mix the cement powder with acrylic polymer liquid, the amount of which depends on the manufacturer’s instructions. Does it have any advantages over the water-based variety? It has some. These compounds are more elastic, stick better to the concrete subfloor, and resist abrasion. But one downside is that acrylic-based levellers require more time to dry because they contain a polymer. The humidity level and outside temperature influence the drying time too.

Water Based Levelling Compounds

As for water-based levellers, they are the most common type of leveller. The cement powder is just added to water and becomes a compound which can be spread on your floor. It is more popular because it dries in about 10 to 20 minutes. The quick drying allows faster flooring installation and project completion and this translates into less labour costs. However, the installers must know what they’re doing and apply the compound quickly. If not, it will harden in the bucket before they can use it. Therefore, all tools need to be readied nearby. This means the installers need experience to get the best floor level possible.

Self leveling compounds are not produced to be a final floor surface for foot traffic. They are for preparing your subfloor for a sturdier floor installation such as ceramic tiles. If you have under the floor heaters in your home, it would be wise to make sure that you choose a leveling compound that is appropriate for heat exposure.

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