The news of the slowing property price boom may be good news for those who are desperately looking for a way to get into the housing market and buy their first home. But the news may not sound great for those looking to sell their house. Will you get a good profit from selling your home? You will if you wisely spend your money and renovate your home by renovating with a budget.

But just like everybody else, your budget may be limited. Doing a whole house renovation all at once may not be an option for you. However, by setting the right priorities and renovating the right places, you can still expect to receive a good return on your investment. So where can you start?


1. Kitchen Renovation

As they say, the kitchen is the heart of the home. The kitchen and the adjacent living room are where people eat, sit around, communicate and work most of the time. Naturally then, buyers would settle for nothing less than the best kitchen they can afford. Therefore, the kitchen should be at the top of the list in your renovation project. But how can you wisely use your money to get the most out of the kitchen renovation?

Although you’ll likely need to get an electrician and a plumber for some of the technical things, take on as much laborious work as you can yourself. Save by looking for ways to work around the existing electrical and plumbing installations. Instead of ordering made to fit kitchen cabinets, choose a flat pack or a prefabricated kitchen. As much as you’d like a solid marble or some other stone bench top, you’ll save a great deal by opting for laminate which now has a wide variety of products on offer.

When it comes to the kitchen splashback, opt for ceramic tiles or mosaic tiles instead of an expensive glass splashback. TFO has a wide range of gorgeous ceramic subway tiles or marble mosaic tiles that will beautifully decorate your kitchen splashback without breaking your budget.

The most important thing for your flooring in the kitchen is practicality. It must be easy to wipe and clean, as well as being durable. Porcelain tiles would be the best choice if you want practicality and a stunning look at the same time. A wide range of European porcelain tiles including timber look, stone look, lappato and polished porcelain tiles are available at very low prices at TFO.


2. Renovating With A Budget – Bathroom Renovation

If your kitchen is up to standard, now it’s time to look at your bathroom. A bathroom serves more than a functional role for modern house buyers. It’s a place to get away from their fast paced everyday life and enjoy a little bit of personal time. The bathroom needs to look clean and has to have an inviting atmosphere without being too clinical.

Normally, ripping everything out and retiling the whole bathroom is an expensive project. However, you may just be able to do it with TFO’s low prices on tiles. Carefully select tiles that will bring out the best in your bathroom. A small bathroom can be made to look bigger by using light coloured polished porcelain tiles. If you want to add a class of luxury, take advantage of affordable travertine and marble tiles available at TFO. The timeless beauty of natural stone tiles will without a doubt transform your bathroom.

Replace your old sink with a modern vanity unit that is functional and offers easy-to-use storage space. Replace your old shower screen with a frameless glass shower screen that not only looks great but also opens up the space. Pay attention to the details and change the old fittings to new shiny ones.

Don’t underestimate the effect of well executed kitchen and bathroom renovations. They can protect your return on your investment in these changing times.