The Australian climate is a temperate one. Unlike countries in the northern hemisphere, we do not experience snow and ice, harsh winds and biting frosts. Rather, Australians are lucky enough to experience wonderfully warm weather, almost all year round. It also means that when it comes to home decoration, we can choose from a variety of floor coverings like sandstone pavers, granite tiles and slate. Natural stone tiles in your Sydney home is a wonderful feature.

Trying to stay cool and comfortable is an ongoing struggle for Aussies a lot of the time. However, it is a battle that you can win when you step inside our own home.

So much of the heat can be either absorbed or transmitted through the floor. Choosing natural materials is the best way to ensure the coolest feeling for your feet. Like wearing wool, natural floor coverings will keep you cool in summer and retain heat in winter.

Not only will natural stone keep you cool, these substances will also last. The durability of natural stone is its finest asset. Unlike most man-made materials, it will not fade in the sun; it is resistant to chemicals and alkalis and won’t be destroyed by water. These materials are difficult to chip and crack and look clean and tidy even when they’re not!

Durable Outdoor Floor Tiles

If you’re looking for a durable outdoor floor tiles or poolside areas, then natural materials will once again be your first choice. Choosing high quality Travertine to line your pool area or complement your landscaping will end up saving you expensive repairs and maintenance costs. Good quality Travertine is tested for superior density, water absorption, slip resistance and resilience to salt attack which means it will look better for longer.

Like any natural substance, Travertine pavers will age gracefully and will actually add character, warmth and beauty to your home. It is hard to beat natural substances for durability, stain resistance, practicality and most importantly visual appeal. There really is no better choice for the harsh Australian climate, whether you’re looking at interior coverings or outdoor tiles.

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