One of the best ways to make your outdoor space a useful space is to use pavers. Pavers are so much more versatile compared to tiles for outdoor areas because they can be laid on an uneven surface, they can be laid without a concrete foundation and the installation process is much simpler.

There are many types of pavers flooding the market. Among the most popular are concrete and clay pavers. They are relatively affordable compared to other types of pavers due to the fact that they are easy to produce and resources are virtually unlimited.

But we say concrete and clay pavers are boring! Yes, they do the job in covering your outdoor area but what else do they do? The variation of colours and textures are generally very limited. Most manufacturers are making almost identical looking pavers. Unfortunately, they are not about making your outdoor space an inspirational or exceptional place.

Do you want your pavers to do more than just cover the ground? Turn your outdoor space into an inspirational place by using natural stone pavers. TFO has one of the biggest ranges of natural stone pavers Sydney has ever seen. Two of the most popular natural stone pavers are: Turkish travertine pavers and Indian sandstone pavers.

Turkish Travertine Pavers

Travertine is one of the most popular natural stones sold at TFO. Used as a building material for centuries, its durability has been proven without any doubt. But above all, there is no other stone that matches its class and its warm earthy character. Travertine is in fact the perfect option for you if you want to spend a memorable time outdoors.

Travertine also has a coarse body which makes it resistant to the elements it may be exposed to on a daily basis outside your home. Its porosity helps in giving it an anti-slip factor. Many swimming pool owners love travertine pavers for their grip factor as well as their coolness under foot which is due to its porosity.

Indian Sandstone Pavers

Sydney loves sandstone. Sydney is in fact built on sandstone. But despite the abundant stock of sandstone, it has unfortunately remained one of the more expensive natural stones around. But you can now enjoy the rich and vibrant character of sandstone without breaking your wallet.

TFO is now importing a range of sandstone pavers from one of the best sandstone manufacturers in India who produces some of the most highly valued variations such as Teakwood and Fossil-Mint. Their vibrant and yet elegant appearance will not only make your home an unforgettable space but also raise the property value. Real estate analysts say that the love of sandstone in Sydney helps property values rise by as much as 10% when sandstone is used.

TFO holds a large stock of travertine and sandstone pavers at all times. For the lowest prices of natural stone pavers Sydney offers, come and visit TFO today. Or buy from our stunning range of travertine pavers or at sandstone pavers online now.