Keep up to date with the current trends of Melbourne tiles. A shift in interior design has been seen over the last couple of years. The saying used to be ‘less is more’, but now the opposite ‘more is more’ is true. People are looking for more than just ‘good’. They want a “wow” factor! This change of trend is evident through the choices people are making when selecting or purchasing tiles.

Melbourne is known for its style and fashion.  So, living in Melbourne, following the trend is an important thing. From clothing to home living, it’s important. So it’s vital that you know what the market is after. After all, if you have ‘the look’ that everybody else loves, the value of your property will go up.

So, below are some of the most popular products that have taken Australia by storm recently. In Melbourne tiles are changing. Stay up to date.

Melbourne Tiles – Natural Stone Look Porcelain Tiles

At no time in the past have natural stone look porcelain tiles been more popular. Italian manufacturers have been producing some of the most beautiful designs seen on the market. These tiles emulate the beautiful patterns of natural stones such as Carrara marble, travertine and terrazzo. This is done by using advanced digital technology that produces the intricate detailed designs of natural stones.

Premium quality examples of natural stone look tiles at TFO include the Mineral D range from Italgraniti and the Blendstone range from Magica Homes. They just radiate the natural beauty of stones. Multilayer inkjet technology has allowed manufacturers to design these products with meticulously detailed patterns that are unique to every piece of tile.

Melbourne Tiles – Timber Look Porcelain Tiles


Timber look porcelain tiles are another type of tile gaining momentum around the country, also in Melbourne. Tiles with similar concepts have always been around, but at no time have we seen such a wide range of timber look tiles like now. With the advancement of inkjet technology, timber look tiles now achieve a ‘timber look’ as never before seen.  As the competition in the market heats up and technology advances, the available options for consumers increases. They are now one of the most popular types of tiles being sold at TFO.

Some of the most popular timber look tiles sold at TFO include the Listone D series from Italgraniti and the Life series from Gardenia Orchidea. Both ranges are available in multiple colour options as well as texture options allowing you to use them indoors, outdoors and wet areas. Innovative technology has allowed manufacturers to create truly inspirational designs that imitate the natural warmth of timber floor boards.

It’s clear that these trends will continue on for some time in Melbourne. The only thing is, most of these products can be costly in your local tile retail store. We encourage you to consider buying these inspirational tiles from TFO in Sydney. Melbourne tiles are mostly sourced through a complex of suppliers and wholesalers. But TFO imports directly from manufacturers around the world and then sells directly to you, the end consumer. Because we don’t go through a maze of middlemen, the products are offered to you at rock bottom wholesale prices. Many find that they can save up to 50% off retail prices on the same or similar tiles. Even after the cost of transportation, many in Melbourne saved thousands of dollars by buying from TFO.

Contact us today and find out how you can save at TFO.