Marble Sydney, historic, artistic, antique. These are some of the words that come to mind when we hear the word “marble”. Needless to say then, many find marble flooring to be stylish and sophisticated. What makes it so alluring? Are you after marble for your Sydney home?
One characteristic is the durability of marble look tiles compared with other less expensive options. All considered, something that will last a very long time may be more cost effective in the long run, rather than something cheaper that may need to be replaced. How much longer? Some experts set the lifespan at two to five times longer than other tiles.

Another part of marble’s charm is the array of attractive colors, design patterns and styles. The numerous varieties mean that marble can fit in with virtually any room design.
If allergies are a problem, and since the health and safety of your family is a priority, you will also find marble a “marvel” for your home. In what way? Marble has certain properties that make it naturally resistant to the growth of bacteria. Moreover, it is easy to clean.

Marble In Sydney

Marble is available in several types of finishes. One is polished which gives it a smooth and shiny surface which adds beauty to any room. However the high polish reduces the friction and this should be taken into consideration before installing Marble Sydney.
Another type of finish is honed marble. It also has been polished but not as deeply. Though it lacks the luster of polished marble, its matte finish increases its traction and therefore is somewhat safer in high traffic areas. Also, the surface will not reveal abrasions as quickly as the high polish will.

A third type of finish is tumbled marble which provides an ancient marble look. It also provides good friction, but since it is not polished it absorbs much moisture and needs to be properly maintained.
So if you are wanting stunning marble look tiles for your home in Sydney or anywhere in Australia, come check out our marble tile range at our TFO online tile store or visit our TFO showroom in Sydney today.