Jazz up your home with dazzling marble mosaic tiles. You may have just finished your bathroom renovation project. Perhaps you covered the floor with clean, modern look tiles and the walls have beautiful polished porcelain tiles from floor to ceiling. How stunning! But wait… it feels like something is missing. You notice that there is no décor that works as a feature piece of your bathroom.

Mosaic tiles may not take up much space on your bathroom wall or other feature walls, but they can add an unforgettable taste and character to the area if used properly. They can transform an otherwise bland area into a space that feels complete. That’s why here at TFO, we carry an extensive range of mosaic tiles for you to choose from. We also carry porcelain, glass, travertine and marble mosaic tiles to mention just a few.

But out of hundreds of mosaics to choose from, how can you make the right decision for your home? Here are 3 points you should understand about mosaic tiles. Read on.

1.The Look Of Marble Mosaic Tiles

This is perhaps the most important factor when choosing mosaic tiles. How you choose the right colour mosaics may be largely dependant on the existing colour scheme of the area and the tiles around them. As an example, if you are using mosaics on walls in a bathroom, it may be a good idea to choose mosaics that pick up one of the colours of the floor tiles. That would help your entire bathroom to have a seamless modern feel.

Generally speaking, porcelain mosaics come in neutral colours that enhance the ambience subtly, glass mosaics in vibrant colours that add bright character to the area and natural stone comes in classic deep colours, which add class and depth to the area.


This is also an important thing to consider when choosing mosaic tiles, especially in an area where they are often exposed to damaging elements. Something to keep in mind is that some mosaics made of natural stones, like marble mosaic tiles and travertine mosaics, may be porous. Therefore, it’s important that you seal them soon after installation to prevent them from staining and discolouring. Here at TFO, we carry a range of sealers that can protect your mosaics. Find out more at TFO.


Don’t buy mosaics at overly inflated prices from normal retail stores. Remember, most retailers sell mosaics per sheet being 300x300mm. Therefore, it takes 11 sheets to make 1 square metre.

Here at TFO, we sell most mosaic tiles all for outlet prices. That means huge savings for you, especially when purchasing a large quantity.

TFO has one of the biggest ranges of mosaics in Sydney. We stock all our tiles on-site, that means you can take home your mosaics straight away.

There is no better way to jazz up your home than to use stunning mosaic tiles. Come and visit TFO today or buy mosaic tiles online now. Check out our beautiful new range of marble mosaic tiles too.