Go big and make your bathroom look bigger. One thing that often makes the bathroom feel uncomfortable is the size. With an ever decreasing amount of land available to Sydney siders, it just can’t be helped that our bathrooms are getting smaller and smaller. You may even keep the clutter away in an effort to make your bathroom appear larger, but there is a physical limit. So here is a little trick for you, use large wall tiles.

It’s obviously not going to increase the physical space of your bathroom by using large wall tiles, but the visual effect of using them cannot be underestimated. Why the difference? Because the bigger the tiles are, the less grout joints you will see. The less dirty grout joints you see, the cleaner and more spacious your bathroom will look. It would even be better if you use rectified edge large wall tiles as each piece is cut to size. It, therefore, allows you to install them with a minimum grout joint width of 1.5mm achieving a seamless look on your bathroom wall.

Large Wall Tiles – How To Choose The Colour And The Finish

What about colours and finishes of large wall tiles? Choose light colour wall tiles over dark colour tiles as they reflect more light in your bathroom, giving an airy feel to the room instead of an oppressive feel. Speaking of reflection, reflective tiles are better than non-reflective finish wall tiles such as matt finish tiles. Reflective tiles can include polished porcelain, or glossy glazed tiles natural stone tiles. These tiles reflect a lot of light making the wall lines not as visible hence making your bathroom look optically bigger. Polished or gloss finish tiles are also very easy to maintain.

So go big on tiles if you want to make your bathroom look bigger than it is. The most popular bathroom wall tile size is 300x600mm and Tile Factory Outlet has a huge range in that size. But beware, your tiler may try to discourage you from getting them or rectified wall tiles as it means more work for him. Don’t get talked out of it. Talk to us, we can help you find a tiler for you.

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