Large format porcelain tiles are the latest innovative technology out of Europe. The large surface expanse results in fewer grouted joints. This creates an aesthetically pleasing look with easy maintenance. Are you interested in large format porcelain panels?

When they were first introduced to the industry, “large-format” meant any tile that measured larger than 600x600mm. Now large format panels go up to the super maxi sizes of 1600x3200mm. At TFO, we carry a range of 1500x3200x6mm and 1600x3200x6mm porcelain panels. The panels are available in polished and matt finishes. They are also available in the latest concrete and stone looks. All these fabulous products are available all at outlet prices!

This fabulous new product however does create some challenges with installation.

Large Format Porcelain Panels – Preventing Cracking

Cracking is a possibility if you bond the tile directly to concrete. This is because cracks naturally occur as water in the concrete substrate evaporates. These shrinkage cracks can transfer from the substrate and into the bonded tile.

Ensuring A Flat Substrate

Use of a self-levelling system is the most efficient way to get a completely flat substrate. These products are cement-based and you may pour or pump them onto the desired area.

A 3m level or straight edge will help measure possible variations in the substrate. These tools are also useful in making sure that the installed tile is flat.

Better Bonding

To achieve an adequate bond for large format floor tile, the bonding material must evenly and thoroughly cover the underneath of the tile. As a result, the use of a large notched trowel will help ensure that the mortar adequately covers the substrate.

New Types Of Mortar Solutions

New types of performance mortars prevent large format tiles from slumping and are easier to use than traditional mortars. This results in minimal trowel resistance and therefore better productivity.

Come visit TFO today at 107 Warren Road, Smithfield to view the latest designs in large format porcelain panels. You will be delighted with our prices.