True, the kitchen is for cooking. It’s not likely to be the venue for a card party or karaoke night. Still, your kitchen tiles should not only put the cook in a good mood, but make a positive contribution to your interior design. So what options are there?

Kitchen Tiles

First, think about your floor tiles. Realistically of all the rooms in the house, this is likely to get the dirtiest the quickest (unless you prefer to eat out). So if you want to hide those batter spatters a little longer before clean up time, you might go with dark to mid-tone floor tiles with a mottled pattern. As an added bonus, if you have light coloured kitchen cabinets, the darker kitchen tiles will highlight the cabinets.

Outside of the bathroom, the kitchen is also the room where water is most likely to be splashed on the floor. Therefore, tiles with a low water absorption rating, such as porcelain would be ideal. You also want tiles that are easy to clean.

However, some prefer a virtually all-white kitchen. This palette says “I’m clean and hygienic”. It also conveys the feeling of freshness.

Rather than your kitchen tiles looking like a civil war of colour, using neutral colours will make your kitchen more marketable since it can be adapted very easily with colourful accessories.

Kitchen Wall Tiles

Moving up from the floor we can consider kitchen tiles for the walls, particularly behind the stove. This would be a backsplash. It protects your wall from damage and is part of the decor. Using kitchen tiles for a backsplash gives you the power to bring all the colours used in your kitchen together as accents within the backsplash. As an example, you could use mosaic tiles of a colour complimentary to your overall design, but throw in a few hints of colour borrowed from your cabinets and countertop. This serves to bring the whole kitchen together.

Another idea is to use mosaic tiles of various colours to create a mural effect. Actually, any desired pattern can be created with these small tiles. Mosaic tiles are versatile and can compliment any kitchen design. For example, they are available in natural stone and glass.

Since the backsplash is many times the focal point of the kitchen, put some time into its design and colour, considering the overall palette of your kitchen and kitchen tiles.

Kitchen tiles provide you with the means to create any desired style you wish, from wood look porcelain tiles for a natural country look to a contemporary look by using a glazed textured porcelain of a paler hue. The world is at your feet, so to speak.

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