There are many types of tiles available that could be used as kitchen floor tiling. However, for the kitchen there are some points to consider before obtaining tiles.

The kitchen is where the culinary action takes place. This activity includes liquids being mixed, boiled, etc. Inevitably then, there will be some spills. It is therefore a safety precaution to choose tiles that have textured surface which will increase traction and make the surface non-slip.

An additional consideration is the fact that the spills are rarely composed of pure water—something that doesn’t leave a nasty stain. Therefore if you have wide grout lines between tiles, choose a darker color that will not show up colored stains as easily. Another option is to regularly seal your grout so that it is stain resistant and looks clean.

Kitchen Floor Tiling

Despite your best efforts, however, dirt, grease, and other grime will begin to accumulate on your kitchen floor tiling. So regularly cleaning will be necessary to prevent these substances from abrading your tiles and, in the case of certain varieties of tile, getting ground down into its nooks and crannies and becoming virtually irremovable.

Any time you purchase cleaning products for tile make sure you read the packaging. Not all tiles react the same way to chemicals so make sure your chosen product is meant for your particular kitchen floor tiling. Outside of these store-bought varieties there is a simple home remedy.

Sweep the floor to remove any loose debris. Get a bucket of warm water and add a little mild dish-washing soap to the water if the floor is quite dirty. If the floor is rather clean already, you can even get away with plain water. Begin mopping the floor in sections to make sure no spot is missed. After each section rinse the mop out. If you used too much soap you may end up with a residue on the floor. If so, rinse the floor with plain water.

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