What is a kitchen backsplash? The answer is in the name – a tile installation that protects the back wall of your kitchen behind the stove or the sink from splashes of oils, sauces and other messy fluids that more than likely will not bring out the colour of your kitchen decor.

Moreover, installing a kitchen backsplash is a quick way to breath new life into your kitchen without breaking your budget. However any kitchen backsplash ideas need to find the happy medium between “functional” and “fabulous”. So what options are available to you?

Bulevar Subway Tiles For Kitchen Backsplash

TFO offers a beautiful range of high gloss Spanish wall tiles from the Bulevar collection. These are available in a variety of colours. For a pristine contemporary look that brings a “clean” feel to your kitchen, you might select ivory. For a more sleek modern feel you could choose between grey and black. You might even create a Mediterranean look with a decorative pattern. No matter what colour you choose, these elegant, ceramic, subway tiles with their handmade-effect will not only be beneficial in prolonging the life of your kitchen wall, but they are also just simply beautiful. However, your options don’t stop there.

Mosaics For Kitchen Backsplash

Another tile of choice are mosaic tiles. One reason is that the diversity of mosaic tiles provide you with the means to bring any kitchen backsplash ideas to life. The possibilities for decoration and design are virtually endless. At TFO, our collection is available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colours, and designs such as herringbone, brick pattern, or mixed size. They feature marble, glass, ceramic and even travertine in numerous tones and hues guaranteed to create whatever your desired look may be.

Seeking a more natural rustic look? Then you might consider our natural stone look porcelain tiles.

Here’s a tip: Any kitchen backsplash ideas should endeavor to maximize the aesthetics of your kitchen by creating visual focal points. It is generally accepted that this should be around the cooking area, for example, the stove. How can you acheive this? The tiles for your backsplash could be a different colour than the rest of your kitchen. However, if you would like to use the same colour, no problem! Simply choose a different pattern for the backsplash.

For more kitchen backsplash ideas, stop in at our TFO showroom in Sydney to peruse our wide range of top quality tiles at the lowest prices around. Not in Sydney? You can purchase online from our online tile store and then get your tiles delivered! Check out our online store now to see our collection and compare prices.