Learn how to tile a wall. Before you begin tiling your room it is good to prepare for the tile pattern. How can you do it?

Ready To Snap

First find the longest wall in the room. Grab your measuring tape and measure to the middle of that wall and the wall across from it. Then grab your snap line or chalked string, and drag it from the center of that longest wall to the wall across from it. The snap line should have now divided the floor in half. Snap the line so it leaves a chalk line across the floor. Do the same for the other two walls in the room. This should create a huge plus symbol intersecting the room and dividing it into four equal sections.


Now the center of that plus symbol will have four corners— two above and two below. Take a single tile and place it in one of those corners without adding adhesive. Begin laying subsequent tiles next to it along the snap line and heading toward the wall leaving a space of 0.6 centimeters between each tile.

Up Against A Wall Tile

When you get near the wall there will come a point where you have placed your last full wall tile but there is not enough space to place another one. Yet and still there will be a gap between that last tile and the wall. Measure that space. If it is less than 2.5 centimeters, then you can increase the space between your tiles to about 1 centimeter instead of 0.6. On the other hand, if the space left on the end is almost a full tile (for example, you’re using 16 centimeter tiles and the space left is 15 centimeters) decrease the gap between the individual tiles so that they are closer together and you can get a last full time in. In both cases this will help you to avoid having to cut off a sliver piece of tile to fill in the final gap.

Doing this both horizontally and vertically, and then mortaring your tiles should help you to get an even layout.
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