Are you thinking of renovating your bathroom? A bathroom renovation can be one of the most satisfying projects as well as the deal maker to raise the value of your home. Whatever the reason for your renovation maybe, one of the first things you need to do is to remove the original wall tiles whilst keeping damage to the wall to a minimum.

Find tips below on how to remove wall tiles in your bathroom.

1. Removing Grout

First, you need to remove the grout. This probably is the most time-consuming part, especially if you have those small wall tiles from the 70’s. If the grout joint is wide enough, you may be able to use an angle grinder with a diamond cutting blade. Make sure to remove the grout down to the wall. Isolating the tiles properly, by removing the grout around it, will make it easy for the tiles to pop out later without causing damage to the wall.

You may also choose to use alternative tools such as oscillating tools and manual grout removing tools. Whatever tools you decide to use, make sure that the area you are working in has good ventilation as there will be lots of dust.

2. How To Remove Wall Tiles

Once all the grout has been removed, you can start removing the tiles using a putty knife. Start from the tiles on edge of the wall and work in a sequence. Make sure to support the tile you are working on with one hand because it may suddenly pop out and fall. It is safer to have another person assist you if you are removing large tiles especially in high places.

In most cases, tiles will leave some adhesive behind on the wall. Once all the tiles have been removed, use a scraper to remove all the remaining adhesive on the wall. It’s important to wear protective gloves, a mask and goggles to avoid injury and avoid breathing in airborne dust from the grout or adhesives.
Once all the tiles from the wall are removed, make sure to fix any imperfections and prepare the surface by cleaning and applying a primer before installing your new tiles.

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