Modern technology has made it quite easy to obtain ceramic tiles. You can purchase ceramic tiles online with the click of your mouse. Before doing so, it is good to take some points into consideration to make sure you get the best value for your money.  Here’s some things you need to know before you lay your tiles and points to consider about how to lay ceramic tiles.

Look Out Below

Prior to picking out the colour of your ceramic tiles online, check out the substrates. Other than making the user of the word sound intelligent, substrates basically refer to the countertop or floor that is below the tiles you plan to install. Why give this aspect attention?

Laying It All Out

If your substrate is a fresh concrete surface, it is recommended that it be cured for at least 28 days before you lay down your ceramic tiles.

Additionally, whether we notice it or not, substrates expand and contract. However the floor or counter beneath your tile installation needs have good structural rigidity to reduce movement or else it may comprise the integrity of your tile installation.

Moreover, nothing grates the nerves of the home decorator like wobbly, loose tiles with broken grout. To prevent this, make sure your substrate is level and even.

You also need to give your sub-floor or sub-counter a good cleaning, removing any dust or dirt that has accumulated on the surface, and even other substances like paint. This will ensure that your tiles will stick.

Tile Texture

Another consideration is the flow of traffic over the tiles. This will help you to decide which tiles have adequate hardness, resistance to abrasion, and slip resistance.

To help you make the choice, you can check the PEI rating which grades each tile according to a specific standard of durability based on foot traffic.

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