How to install kitchen tiles? Take a trip to our TFO in Sydney, or compare prices and purchase online for savings unmatched anywhere else. You’ll find the widest range of affordable, top-brand tiles for your kitchen installation and any décor you desire. We’ve also got the tips to make your project a top job.

A tile sometimes needs to be repositioned or if it sinks down it will need to be lifted. Grabbing the nearest screwdriver or using your nails probably will not do. In such cases a more practical solution would be a suction cup. This will allow you to reposition or pull it out to the required level.

More Than Marginal Success

 During your project, whether it is installing kitchen tiles or retiling your bathroom walls, you may find that the margin trowel is your new best friend. What can this small tool do for you?

Tilers use the margin trowel for practically everything. It is used to clean grout lines, to gently nudge tiles that are crooked, to scrape adhesive out of buckets (and off the jeans of the careless). Because a margin trowel is small, it can also help when spreading mortar in areas that are too narrow for regular size trowels. You may find this trowel useful, for instance, when spreading adhesive around plumbing fixtures.

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