Wall hung vanities are great and the range is growing ever wider. They don’t just look modern but they are also practical. Think of all the space saved under the vanity. What about the ease of mopping without any obstruction on the floor? But for you to enjoy a wall hung vanity, proper installation is a must. You can’t possibly imagine how painful it would be for it to come off the wall and drop on your toes. Ouch! So be safe and follow the tips below to know how to install a wall hung vanity.

How To Install A Wall Hung Vanity Unit Securely

If you are renovating your entire bathroom, it’s important to know which vanity unit you will use prior to starting your project. This is because you will not be able to find the studs behind the wall in order to securely install your vanity once you have installed the tiles. While the substrate is exposed, find out where the studs are. You can do this by simply knocking on the wall and listening to the sound coming back. Mark where the studs are on the wall.

Next, identify the fixing point positions at the back of the vanity unit. Then find a position on the wall which allows for you to fix all points on the wall studs. You will have to use a spirit level to ensure that you will install the vanity straight. Make markings on the wall so that the top of your vanity will be approximately 90cm up from the ground. This height is what people most commonly use these days.

Additional Considerations When Installing A Wall Hung Vanity Unit

When you install tiles, make sure that you transfer your markings to the tiles correctly. When it comes to actually fixing the vanity to the wall, in addition to the fixing points provided, you may also like to add more support by fixing the vanity at other points not visibly seen from outside.

If you are able to access the back of the plaster board prior to the renovation, it’s advisable to add more timber to strengthen the structure first.

You cannot make your wall hung vanity installation too secure. In the days ahead, someone will definitely lean on it or even sit on it. So, do it right, install your wall hung vanity units securely.

Vanity Units At TFO

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