Home is a big word—so to speak. It includes many things such as your kitchen, bathroom, living room, patio area, and more. How can tiles help you give your home a needed face lift, increasing its beauty and value in the process? Home renovations are the solution.

A Kitchen Splashback & Counter Top

Let’s start with the kitchen. A kitchen splashback could be a consideration when planning your home renovations. Whether natural stone tiles or mosaics, a kitchen splashback should be both functional and beautiful. It protects the wall behind your sink or stove area from damage, staining, and mildew growth due to steam, soap residue, bubbling soups and sauces and the like. Moreover, the sparkle of a glass splashback adds pop and pizzazz to your kitchen, a trendy or modern feel. On the other hand for home renovations, a natural stone splashback creates an old world rustic feel.

Still in the kitchen let’s think about giving the counter space an overhaul with tiles. The strength and durability of tiles means that you can slice and dice directly on the countertop. It also means you can move hot pots, pans and skillets from the stove right onto the countertop without fear of damage. And once again, the moisture and stain resistance of tiles mean a longer life for your counter top as it blocks the growth of mold. Moreover it will be easy to clean, requiring only a little soap and warm water to look spick and span.

Bathroom Renovations

Turning to the bathroom, we find another area that can shine after well thought out home renovations. Want a modern look? You can go with rectified tiles. Their perfectly square edges mean they will have narrower grout lines and provide a sleek look. Want to add a cheery gleam to your bathroom? Use some glass mosaics behind the sink. The reflected ambient light will not only make your bathroom fabulous but will open up a small space making it feel larger.

Home Renovations

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