“Math?” you ask, glancing at this title either in horror or disgust. True, very few had math as a favorite subject in school and of those who did, even fewer would admit to it. However, in the world of home decorating design, you can make numbers work for you. In what way?

What Is 60-30-10 Colour Rule?

A simple rule the professionals call 60-30-10. This is not a reference to the value of the products you purchase, but rather the percentages used in the colouration of your décor to achieve a balanced colour palette. How does it work?

Well, think about a two-piece business suit. The jacket and slacks are the dominant color which sets the tone for the rest of what you wear. That is 60% of the suit. In this example, imagine that the suit is smoked-gray. Next think of the shirt, perhaps it is a pastel blue, but it is 30% of the outfit. The neck-tie, 10% of the outfit brings it all together as an accent and may introduce a totally different colour.

In home decorating then, the “60%” refers to the dominant colour or the overall theme. In most cases this colour would primarily be found in your walls which take up most of the room space. No matter whether you use wall tiles or wall paint, this 60% will set the tone for the colour scheme of the room.

What about the “30%”? This is a secondary colour which provides visual interest and will predominantly be found in things like your sofa, throw pillows, area rugs, mosaic tile floor pattern, or other furniture.

The final “10%” is an accent colour like a piece of jewelry that adds the finishing touches to an outfit. These accents would be found in things like flower arrangements, table mats, lampshades, pottery or other items.

Armed with this numerical knowledge you can create a balanced colour palette for your rooms. Want the perfect tiles to match your colour designs? Want more home decorating tips? Tile Factory Outlet are experts in tiles and tile design ideas. They have what you need in their massive warehouse. Visit them today and start saving!