As with all colours, blue has various personalities and can accomplish different purposes in your home décor. Consider some of the following.

Blue-a Warm Colour?

Blue is in fact considered to be a cool colour and a receding one, giving the feeling of opening up a room, making it feel larger. However, certain shades of blue, such as slate blue and denim are said to contain subtle hints of red tint. Red, on the other hand, is a warm colour and an advancing one which makes the room feel as though the walls are drawing closer to you and therefore providing a cozy feeling. This subtle dash of red is said to make the above shades of blue transform into warm colours and are sometimes preferred in social areas like the dining room, kitchen, and living room. But, what about blues that do not contain this red tint?

Cool To Be Blue

As you would imagine when even thinking of the colour blue, many shades are cool colours. As if to emphasize this point, one particular shade is even called ice blue. Others that follow suit would be cobalt and turquoise. But do not be mislead. These two shades of blue do contain a hidden tint—yellow. However, since yellow recedes, it makes a room feel larger. These cool blues are also said to create a feeling of calmness. Therefore, they would be welcome in bedrooms to help you unwind, or your escape room where you hope to forget the day’s worries. They also go well as Bathroom tiles bathroom tiles to complete that refreshing shower after a hard days work. Their coolness also helps you to cool off during the hot summer months and make your home feel fresh and clean. Hence many summer homes sport a white exterior paint with blue trim.

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