When it comes to home décor, many of the million-dollar questions center on colour. The colour of your floor tiles, wall tiles, your furnishings and your wall paint. What is a common way to decide which colour to use for your walls? Many go to their local paint merchant and grab a handful of colour samples, bring them home and proceed to hold them up to their uncoloured, sterile, white walls. What do some professionals say about this custom? Don’t do it!

Up Against A Wall

The human eye is a marvel. But it can also be fooled. Holding the colour samples up against your white walls can actually trick your eye. The colour which you thought was cool could appear warmer and vice-versa. What should you do then? Hold the colour samples against your furniture, curtains, throw cushions, cabinets and other items you plan to use to furnish the room. You’ll then see how good a companion your prospective colour choices will be for your already acquired furnishings. It’ll save you time and the price of a container of headache medicine. Once you decide on a colour, what other choices could be made?

Walled In For Colours

So many walls, so many colours. It seems unfair to be able to only choose one colour for all four. But never worry! Choose one wall to be an accent wall. Which one? Generally you should choose the one that is hogging all the attention, the one that immediately draws your eye to it when you enter the room. That could be a wall with a beautiful piece of artwork mounted, a wall with windows, or the one which your sofa or bed is up against. How can you make it stand out? One method is by painting it a darker colour than the other three for a modern, designer look. In a bathroom, some even use a different set of mosaic tiles to add pop and pizzazz.

With a little be of advance thought, choosing colours for your walls won’t have you “climbing the walls”! Get more great tile design ideas at Tile Factory Outlet. We have experts ready to advise you on the best floor and wall tiles along with the perfect colours for your room. Visit us today!