Everybody loves a sale or a discount on something. That’s definitely true when it comes to something you know is going to cost you more than you want it to. Let’s say for instance you want to update your bathroom, give it a real sophisticated and modern look.  Nothing too flashy, just a nice clean cut look.  But you know that it’s going to cost you more than your budget allows and most probably the bathroom tiles are going to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. What if there was a place that always has a sale, always has bathroom tiles for sale all year round. Well, come with us and we’ll show you one of Sydney’s, if not one of Australia’s best kept secrets.

With very humble beginnings, Tile Factory Outlet located in Sydney has taken the tile outlet world head on, offering some of the most heavily discounted bathroom tiles in Australia but with the quality and eye for detail that is surpassed by none. We, Tile Factory Outlet, make it our goal to get the highest quality tiles from around the world back to Sydney, Australia at the best possible prices in order to keep money in our customers’ pockets. With excellent working relationships with some of the most influential tile manufacturers from around the globe, TFO located in Sydney is only going to get better and better.

No matter what you are after in the tile game, you need to get yourself to the TFO showroom today and grab an absolute bargain on some heavily discount bathroom tiles. If you are not in the area or can’t get down to our showroom, jump onto our online tile store and see for yourself the bargains that can be had.